Friday, March 24, 2023

"Last Call at Chez Mort" at State College Community Theatre April 6 -8th

 About  Last Call At Chez Mort: Return to the Golden age of the 1940s and the famous Jazz club “Chez Mort”. On this particular night, the club was the scene of a strange accident. Or was it an accident? As newspapers of the day reported: “Ingenue ‘Sweet Sue’ Blutowsky was mysteriously and fatally cut short during her debut singing performance. Inspector Constantine was quick on the scene to investigate the strange circumstances surrounding the shocking events.”

In attendance on that fateful night was the infamous hoodlum Big Suit Stu and his Russian bodyguard or maybe he was German. Anyway.. 

Was Big Suit the culprit? Or was it the ditzy French Emcee Jean Paul Truffaut? Maybe it was the happy-go-lucky Stage Hand or someone else.
Journey back in time and join the good inspector on that dark and rainy evening.

State College Community Theatre - State College PA presented April 6, 7, 8

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