Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Street Ends No Outlet - a collection of short stories by playwright Lee Mueller

As some of my followers may know, from time to time I will step outside of the theatrical world of murder mystery comedy and write something slightly normal. A year ago I published a collection of short stories about a kid growing up during the late 1960s - early 1970s called Idle Essence Tales Of Marvin which became quite popular. I was thrilled to learn the public would accept a collection of stories from someone known for mystery plays. 
I had a story that was not complete at the time I released Idle Essence, so I decided to see how the first book would do, and maybe I would publish a follow-up. To my amazement, the first book did well. I had some inquiries if there would be more stories about the character of Marvin who was featured in Idle Essence.  Yes, yes there would be.  The follow-up is called Street Ends No Outlet .  It contains a few more short stories and one novella (that is a very long short story) that follows the character of Marvin at different periods of his life. It is available in all e-reader formats as well as paperback from Amazon.  Below is a preview


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