Friday, January 05, 2018

"Death Of A Doornail" by Meniffe Community Theatre Feb 2- Feb 10

Menifee Community Theatre Group in Frenchburg Kentucky announces their production of  Death of a Doornail by Lee Mueller. -  a Murder Mystery Dinner! Coming to you February 2nd, 3rd, 9th, & 10th at the Frenchburg Clark Energy Building - 8 Bible Camp Ln, Frenchburg, KY 40322
Death Of A Doornail by Lee Mueller
An eccentric millionaire, Albert Doornale, has invited all of his close friends AND YOU to his estate; including his ex-wife Abigail Doornale, his current love interest Candace Bambay, and his childhood friend from the lower east side Salvatore Carbone. Everyone arrives and is greeted at the estate by the grumpy butler, Mortimer, and the cutlery carrying cook, Miss. Morganford. The only problem is, Albert is not there, no one has seen him. Not his nerdy nephew, Edward, or his socially spoiled daughter, Pricilla. None of the guests know why they are there or what happened to their host. That is until blood is found in the upstairs bathroom. Was Albert killed and carried away? Inspector Bukowski arrives on the scene. A murder investigation will begin as soon as a body is found. It may be a long wait...
The characters will be portrayed by:
Jaiden McKenzie - Inspector Bukowski
Colbie Baldwin - Pricilla Doornale
Caleb Dearmon - Edward Doornale
Chyenne Baker - Abigail Doornale
Montana Stump - Candace Bambay
Tyler Wells - Salvatore Carbone
Will Clemons - Mortimer
Camille Kash - Miss. Morganford
Seth Baldwin - Narrator
John Sain - Stanley
Callie Jackson - Bernice
Cant Attend the Show?  Read the Play!
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