Friday, May 08, 2015

"Death Of A Doornail" is raising funds in Livingston Montana

Death of a Doornailby Lee Mueller will be presented at the Livingston Christian Center, 1400 Mount Baldy, Livingston, Montana at 6 p.m.

Tickets are $40. The catered dinner, live theater production and silent and live auctions support Summit Christian Academy.

Plot: Eccentric Millionaire, Albert Doornale has invited all of his close friends to his estate; including his ex-wife Abigail, his current fiance Candy Bombay, and his childhood friend from the lower East Side, Salvatore Carbone. Everyone arrives at the estate greeted by the grumpy Butler and cutlery carrying cook. The only problem is, Albert is not there, no one has seen him. Not his nerdy Nephew or his socially spoiled daughter. None of the guest have any idea why they are there or what happened to their host. That is until blood is found in the upstairs bathroom. Was Albert killed and carried away? In the nick of time, Inspector Bukowski arrives on the scene. A murder investigation will begin, as soon as a body is found. It may be a long wait.

 The school is raising funds to purchase a state-required fire alarm system. For tickets, table sponsorships or more info, call Summit Academy at (406) 823-9155 or Sarah Lucas at (406) 868-5815. 

Can't see the play? Why not read the play? In book and Kindle format Click to Learn more! Death Of A Doornail Book
Death Of A Doornail

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