Thursday, May 30, 2013

If You Can't See a Play - Read A Play

I enjoy reading most everything and every genre - fiction, history, sci-fi, fantasy etc... and one thing I reakkt love to read is  plays. Reading plays benefits myself as an actor and as a playwright. When I read other playwright's  work, I get a glimpse into how they structure plot, characters, dialogue and even stage directions . Having said that, it's surprising that my own plays haven't been published in a medium where anyone could just "read" it.  You know, so someone could get a glimpse into how I write.

I have slowly been converting my material over to the print medium (usually I sent out a pdf file to theatre groups to perform -quick,easy and cheap) but for those who aren't wishing to perform anything, but would like to read - here are the printed versions of the plays available on-line for a low price.

Buy the print format from us

Murder Me Always My very popular, world traveled play about a murder mystery that occurs during a murder mystery.
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Death Of A Doornail print format

Death Of A Doornail My other very popular, world traveled play. A tongue in cheek homage to drawing room murder mysteries with a twist.
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Death Near Dead Man's Holler

Death Near Dead Man's Holler My newest play. A western with cowboys, gunslingers, saloon gals and school marms. Chock full o' obscure film and tv references.
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Buy the print format from us

Last Call At Chez Mort A 1940's Night Club with intrigue, gangsters, dames, a French guy and a creepy Russian with a hatchet. Not to mention, every 1940's phrase I could remember.
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For those you enjoy a quiet night, curled up - because apparently when one reads, one must "curl" in some fashion - I usually sit, but hey that's just me, here are a few titles for you. No acting or performance rights required.

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