Thursday, August 30, 2012

Play-dead Comedy Mysteries playing way up North and way down south

Up North

Just west of Ottawa Ontario (up North in Canada) is Carlton Place. And in Carlton place dwells the wonderful Mississippi Mudds or (M.U.D.D.S) which breaks down as MUsic Dance and Drama on Stage. The Mudds are a community theatre group in Carlton Place since 1974.
I am honored to have the M.U.D.D.S. perform another one of my plays, Murder Me Always. It will unfold it's mystery comedy stylings in the Town Hall of Carlton Place in partnership with Ballygiblin's restaurant on Nov. 2 and 3. Here is their Link

Down South

At the Hotel Magnolia, Casco Viejo, Panama city, Panama a theatre troupe will be performing my newest work Last Call At Chez Mort - a 1940's style screwball murder mystery. It will be performed in English. (Although I would be curious to hear it done in Spanish. Comprende?)
The show will be directed by Gerry Roy, who at one time owned his own theatre in Montreal and has acted and directed professionally The producer is Lourdes Quijada.Each of the three evening performances, running from September 17-19 will offer a different menu.

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