Thursday, October 01, 2009

Brawley Union High School Department does "Some Show"

From the Ivpressonline out in Imperial Valley, California comes a nice article promoting the Brawley Union HS production of Some Show (about a murder). This was the second Murder Mystery script I wrote and as you might be able to tell from the title, was a bit hard pressed to come up with a title. As a joke, I told everyone I was going to call the play "Some Show about a murder". I mean, after all, it's easy to remember. When friends ask what you are going to see, it's easy to say "Some Show about a murder."

Anyway, here is some article about some high school doing some show:

Murder mystery takes stage
By Sara Malan

While traveling through the Imperial Valley, hosts of the talk show “The Ricky & Nickie Rivers Show” ran into tragedy — and mystery.
During the taping of an episode featuring celebrities who will soon be starting their own talk shows, one guest became enraged, deemed “The Ricky & Nickie Rivers Show” a “joke” and a “pathetic side show like all the others” and stormed off the stage.

Shortly after the outburst, cast and crew discovered her body offstage. Phoebe St. Self, a well-known “domestic engineering” expert, had planned to lead a talk show on the topic of excelling at the art of caring for the home.

“I love the smell of Pine-Sol in the morning,” St. Self said on camera shortly before her demise. “It smells like victory.”

It is soon determined that everyone is a suspect.

“Oh, this is great! One of us is a murderer,” said show guest and gossip columnist Gwen Bennet, played by Celeste Alvarez.

The Brawley Union High School drama department will present Lee Mueller’s “Some Show (about a murder).” The dinner theater-style production, serving pizza, opens tonight and runs through Sunday afternoon, with the spotlight on a cast of 11 students and the audience itself at times.

“It was a talk show about talk shows, but now it’s a mystery show,” sums up host Ricky Rivers, played by Rudy Robles.

Drama teacher Jason Contreras said he is really proud of the students putting together the show in only three weeks, especially with the amount of self-directing they have done.

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Emperor said...

Interesting. I wish my experience in Theater had been like this when I was younger.