Monday, August 03, 2009

A Visit to Freedom

I drove up to Freedom, Wisconsin this weekend at the invitation of Lindsay Cummings, co-founder and President of FACT Players of the Freedom Area Community Theater.
What was unique about this trip is that I was invited to the rehearsals not the actual production of the play "Murder Me Always". Which was a nice change of pace.
I was able watch the show in progress and as well as offer the "story" behind the script - why and how I wrote the play - who the characters may or may not have been based on. You know, the information that actors hardly ever get to learn.
I also had the opportunity to lead the actors through a few "improvisational" games which helps "bond" the group and also prepares them for the "improv" portion of the play - in which the audience is invited to ask the characters questions.
Hopefully, it was good experience for the actors and crew and perhaps I imparted a little insight. I tried not to be too terribly boring. (I promise)
I know it was a good experience for me as I was able to see my play come to life and hear how the lines I wrote were interpreted by actors. For a playwright, it's nice to be able to learn how your work translates: if you have written dialogue that is clear enough and/or scene descriptions that are concise enough for anyone to pick up and understand your intention. No to mention actually 'get' your jokes and references.
I can say that the FACT Players have done an outstanding job of picking up my work, understanding my intention, (and jokes) and running with it.


Anonymous said...

What an excellent learning experience for the community theater group! Best of luck to all involved.

Anonymous said...

You have left your mark in Freedom.