Tuesday, June 16, 2009

48 Hour Film Project

Every year for the past 5 years, I have been involved in something called The 48 Hour Film Project. If you are not familiar with it the idea is this: You have only 48 Hours to write, shoot, edit etc.. a 5 to 7 minute film over a weekend. On Friday evening all the film makers meet and draw a genre -such as "Horror, Sci-Fi, Romantic, Super Hero, Drama, Suspense, Action" and so on. Once you are assigned a genre of film, everyone is given a Character and occupation, a prop and a line of dialogue that must be in your movie. Once you have those elements, you have from 7pm Friday evening until 7:30pm Sunday to make a film. It must be turned in on the dot Sunday or else you are out of the competition.
This year, I drew "Super Hero" as a genre. The character that had to appear was "Ashton or Ashley Brown" - "Expert" (they could be an expert at anything)
The prop we must have was "A Photo of Mom and/or Dad"
The line of dialogue was "Have you ever seen anything like it?"
Below is the result. Enjoy. Feedback encouraged!

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