Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Site For Playwrights

I've been building a new website called www.playedwell.com and it's time to get the news out. The basic idea came to me as various groups, colleges and High Schools all over the world would ask me if I knew where they could find a drama, children's play or funny one-act. I do know a few independent playwrights but not nearly enough to fill the need.

Therefore, I decided to create a new site that would host the works of any playwright who wanted to list his or her work and make them available to the theater world at large.

I know there are many "publishing" companies and websites out there, I found them when I had a bunch of plays I wanted to submit to the world, but I wanted to maintain my own control and be a bit more independent that's why I started my own site, www.play-dead.com. I want to offer the same control to other writers who which to remain independent but may not have time to maintain their own website and marketing.
If you are playwright and want to get your work out there,let me know.

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