Monday, March 20, 2006

"All Over But The Shooting" Raises Laughs & Funds

Article below appeared in the "The Talon", York High School's newspaper. Yorktown, VA.

Sophomore Production Raises Funds

By Taylor Riccio

The sophomore class had an unusual fundraiser this year: a murder-mystery snack theatre performed by York High’s Falcon Players. The fundraiser was a major success due to the hard work put in by the directors, actors and volunteer sophomores.
Sophomore class sponsors Jaime Miller and Heather Davis, both English teachers, conceived idea of a snack theatre to raise money. The concept for the show was created from Davis’ concern over the lack of a musical this year and desire to give the drama students something to do in the spring. Though it is a sophomore fundraiser, auditions were open to all classes.

The show “All Over But the Shooting” was written by Lee Mueller. The show is a comedic murder-mystery revolving around a murder committed during an audition for a show.

Lacking the luxury of an auditorium, the fundraiser was performed in the school cafeteria. The Players were forced to make due with what they had. Costs of the show were kept to a minimum so most of the ticket sales could go into the sophomore accounts. Costuming was provided from the actor’s existing wardrobes and the set was made of borrowed chairs and tables already in the cafeteria.

Accordingly, snacks were provided for the audience by donations from members of the sophomore class. The snacks were provided at a nominal fee and were served at intermission.

Since the snacks were all donated, the snack sales were all profit that went directly into the class fund.

Attendance of the performance was more than double what had been expected for the showing.

The show brought in over one thousand dollars in profit to the sophomore class through ticket and food sales. Due to the success of the fundraiser Miller and Davis plan to have a similar event next year.

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