Friday, May 08, 2015

"Death Of A Doornail" is raising funds in Livingston Montana

Death of a Doornailby Lee Mueller will be presented at the Livingston Christian Center, 1400 Mount Baldy, Livingston, Montana at 6 p.m.

Tickets are $40. The catered dinner, live theater production and silent and live auctions support Summit Christian Academy.

Plot: Eccentric Millionaire, Albert Doornale has invited all of his close friends to his estate; including his ex-wife Abigail, his current fiance Candy Bombay, and his childhood friend from the lower East Side, Salvatore Carbone. Everyone arrives at the estate greeted by the grumpy Butler and cutlery carrying cook. The only problem is, Albert is not there, no one has seen him. Not his nerdy Nephew or his socially spoiled daughter. None of the guest have any idea why they are there or what happened to their host. That is until blood is found in the upstairs bathroom. Was Albert killed and carried away? In the nick of time, Inspector Bukowski arrives on the scene. A murder investigation will begin, as soon as a body is found. It may be a long wait.

 The school is raising funds to purchase a state-required fire alarm system. For tickets, table sponsorships or more info, call Summit Academy at (406) 823-9155 or Sarah Lucas at (406) 868-5815. 

Can't see the play? Why not read the play? In book and Kindle format Click to Learn more! Death Of A Doornail Book
Death Of A Doornail

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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Reading the Plays 952 miles from Broadway

Growing up in a medium sized suburb of a medium sized city did not always cater to my aspirations of seeing major Broadway plays after all I was a young aspiring actor and writer. My aspiration needed some inspiration. But back in those days, there were some issues - first of all, I was no where near Broadway. It was about 952 miles away. Oh sure, St. Louis was fortunate enough to be a stopping point on many "touring companies" of major musicals - I saw "Grease" and "A Chorus Line" when they came through but it seemed the demographics of our area only called for Musical Theatre. Musicals are fine but I wanted the dramas, the comedies, the plays where someone didn't burst into song every 5 minutes.

If I was lucky,  a local college or Rep company would produce Eugene O'Neil, Tennessee Williams or Edward Albee. Not much singing in the works of these playwrights. But the chance of a local theatre hosting something really good - that is beyond the endless loop of "Harvey", "Our Town" , ""Blythe Spirit", "You Can't Take it With You" - you know, the very safe, fan favorite, family approved fare - chances were slim to none anything cutting edge and/or epic would ever appear here 952 miles from Broadway.

One boring afternoon while wandering aimlessly in a local library I found the Theatre section I found a copy of  "The Zoo Story" by Edward Albee. Eureka! Also a collection of O'Neil and Pinter. Wow I thought, (or something like "wow') if I can't see these plays, I can read them!  I continued on this engrossed path to read as many modern non-musical plays as I could. From Mamet to Sheppard and everything in between.

All of these years later, I have had my own plays produced around the country and abroad and realized one day - the only way anyone could see, hear or know about my scripts is if they went to see them. What were the chances my play were being produced in their area? Or even 952 miles away? Yea, probably not. So,  why not publish the plays in book form so they could be discovered and read? Why not cut that distance down for people from the stage to the home? Again, I thought something like Wow. So I did and have. My plays are now in printed book form and kindle available in many outlets but Amazon being the main supplier. To aspiring actor, director or writer out there - you don't have to travel to see what I do. You can read it in the comfort of your own space.  Here is my author page.

Lee Mueller's Plays

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Monday, May 04, 2015

Ashdown High School presents "Murder Me Always" May 7th

The public performance of "Murder Me Always" at Ashdown High School - Ashdown Arkansas will be on Thursday, May 7, in the AHS cafeteria at 6:00 p.m, with a full dinner being served.  

Admission cost is $10 for adults and $6 for students; reservations may be made by calling 870-898-3562, ext.#1002.

The drama students will also perform the play for the AHS students at 1:00 on May 7, when tickets will be $6, and a drink, snack and dessert will be served.  Tickets must be purchased in advance at the school office.

The play, since it is a murder mystery dinner theatre, will revolve around the audience, with "Detective Joe Mamet" (played by Logan Trafford) staking out the audience during his investigation.  Other actors in the play will also interact with the audience to discover if "one of these very bad actors is really a very bad person."

Drama teacher Jennifer Walker hopes for a good attendance to see the drama students' spring play and encourages everyone to call for reservations to see this "art imitating life" production.

Can't see the play? Why not read the play? In book and Kindle format Click to Learn more! Murder Me Always Book!